Zodiacs Who Have Main Character Energy


Aries are self-centered. They won't sacrifice their aspirations to please others, even when they love many people.

They'll follow a nice, personal route. They won't let others decide. Even when unwelcome, Aries dive in.

They are courageous, thus nothing will stop them from achieving their highest goals. Even if it's scary, they'll risk themselves.


Leos prioritize themselves. Confident people won't be bullied or influenced by others. Self-confidence.

They won't accept criticism since they know their beliefs are valid. They'll try their best regardless of what others say.

Leos lead in all situations. They prefer to lead since they don't like waiting. They desire their own luck. They desire their own future.


Impulsive Geminis. They won't linger over their next move. They'll trust themselves.

They'll do what seems right because they think they're in control. Geminis are flexible, thus nothing will stop them from achieving their goals.

They will conquer their issues. They will survive their worst trials. Geminis will persevere until they succeed.


Scorpios are fearless and passionate. They'll stick to their goals. They will continue till they arrive.

Scorpios rarely tell others about their plans. They're private because they don't care. They only care about themselves.

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