Zodiac Signs Most Stressed: Ranked


Gemini will look over their alternatives again and again and still won't be able to decide, while everyone around them frets and whimpers in hopes of a magnificent conclusion.


Aries can't wait, thus this tension makes them uneasy, twitchy, and hot. This lot is impatient, so when Aries pulls an all-nighter, it's always about stress.


If Virgo doesn't get the final word, which is generally nasty and harsh, they worry for days. Virgo just enjoys stepping on others, and if they can't, they worry out.


Scorpios worry when they're mistaken for less. If you call a Scorpio lady lovely, she'll spend the rest of the day wondering why you didn't call her gorgeous.

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Leo may be warm, gregarious, and sociable, but they can't bear when others criticise their ideas. It makes them feel torn because they want to be nice, but they also want to tear you apart.


Someone's keeping track of everything, and Capricorn is it. They observe everything you do, yet hiding anything stresses them out. 


Once you know Libra, you'll understand their tension. There, you'll notice that lying through their teeth keeps them scoring. Libra's stress comes from keeping track of their lies.


Cancers hate being gone, so when they get lost or can't get home, they worry excessively. Cancer is a homebody and may leave the house for short periods.

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Aquarians' main concerns are self-doubt and the conviction that they'll never be good at anything except generating difficulties. As they don't trust themselves, they self-sabotage.


Taurus felt uneasy. That's crazy! If they don't have evidence, Taureans will think the worst. Stress creates a demand for release, therefore many resort to excessive behaviours.


Sags are skilled and will fall into a tailspin if you question their abilities, not because they believe your doubt, but because you don't trust in them.


Disorganization drives Pisces nuts. When even the little thing goes wrong, they worry out. Pisces, a water sign, usually handles stress well and goes with the flow.

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