Zodiac Sign That Never Leaves You

You've likely heard that over 50% of U.S. marriages end in divorce. You know asset division is expensive and difficult. If these statistics scare you, examine your partner's horoscope.

Venus rules love, beauty, and Libra. They want balance in life, which makes for easygoing, steady partnerships.


Virgos are monogamous. It's nice not to worry about cheating, but it doesn't mean you're committed. Due of Virgo's meticulous disposition.


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Naturally, the most romantic zodiac sign is a long-term partner. Kirsten describes the water sign as devoted and loving. "Pisces will stay with someone who matters."


Capricorns are driven to succeed. They give 100% in the office and in relationships. Kirsten says Capricorns, ruled by Saturn, never break promises.


Cancer is the only moon sign. They care about their friends, family, and partners. "Cancers are the zodiac's genuine nurturers and doting'mothers'," adds Kirsten.


Astrologers say Taurus will never abandon you. Venus rules stationary Taurus, like Libra.


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