Zodiac Sign-Specific Engagement Rings

Your engagement ring expresses your individuality and love language as well as your commitment. Your dream proposal definitely didn't contain a ring you didn't like.

Marquise-Cut Ring Aries love and live with purpose. You lead romance, not coyly. Roby suggests "a magnificent and opulent style engagement ring, preferably with a distinctive diamond.



Cathedral Ring Taurus has high standards and outstanding taste, so they aren't hesitant to invest on luxury and excellence," Dettmann adds. You'll enjoy a luxurious cathedral-cut engagement ring with a high-quality stone.



Swirl Diamond Ring Geminis are extroverts who like anyone who makes them laugh and wants to have fun. The right connection lets you be stupid.


Vintage Ring Cancers like romantic and profound acts in love," Dettmann explains. A antique ring will appeal to your nostalgia.


Princess-Cut Diamond Ring Leo is a zodiac party animal. You seek attention. Your outgoing, bold character allows you to show your emotions in love.


Beautiful three-stone engagement ring Even a perfectionist like you loves romance. You like private displays of affection with your lover.

Pavé-Cut Ring Libras are lovers, thus you have great hopes for your proposal. Something simple as a surprise date or love note would appeal to your romantic side.


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