Your Zodiac Sign's Worst Sign


Aries, Capricorn attracts you naturally. Like you, they're ambitious, motivated, and want excellence. They're your ideal global conqueror. However, you both want to be the relationship's boss.


Venus-ruled Tauruses expect their partners to romance, love, and pamper them. You desire the conventional courtship.


Geminis like socializing. You flirt well and can make friends with anyone. You're the party's life. Cancer is more reserved. Only a handful know them.


You're sensitive, lovely, and feel everything. You remember every unpleasant thing spoken to you. Sagittarius always puts their foot in their mouth.


Pisces are wanderers. It leads to treachery and damaged sentiments, especially when the highs are so high.” Your relationship will decline after the honeymoon.



You and Aries are too different to be a suitable match, even if you both strive for excellence. You're methodical and prefer to plan everything, whereas Aries is impulsive .


You and Virgo are intellectuals, therefore your interactions will always be entertaining. Semos says there's no spark for a romantic connection.


Gemini is attractive. Smart, personable, and empathetic. You'll like their interactions as one of the zodiac's most misunderstood signs.


You enjoy freedom. You're the zodiac's explorer, therefore you need to explore or you'll feel restless and out of place.


Capricorns like ambitious people. You're practical. You like folks who boost your standing. Aries can be that person for you, but you'll fight a lot since you both want to be in charge.


You and Leo are romantics who enjoy love. You share little else. Leos need their partner's full attention, whereas Pisces prefer to be left alone.

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