Your Zodiac Sign's Most Admired Quality

Aries: Their Drive

It's possible that an Aries' fearlessness and determination might come across as scary.

Taurus: Their Dependability

If you're going through a tough period, it might be wise to depend on a buddy who is a Taurus because of their sensuality and emotional awareness.

Gemini: Their Wit

All of Gemini's loved ones will be laughing uncontrollably at her witty one-liners.

Cancer: Their Empathy

Cancer should be your best friend for those moments when you need to unload.

Leo: Their Charisma

Leo's magnetic personality and boundless vitality are immediately noticeable to anybody in the room.


Virgo: Their Eye For Detail

There is always that one buddy who has everything down to the last detail planned out perfectly, and more often than not, that person is a Virgo.

Libra: Their Charm

The Libra in your life will never let you have a dull discussion since she has impeccable timing.

Sagittarius: Their Optimism

A buddy who is a Sagittarius will be like a breath of fresh, energizing air to someone who tends to see the glass as half empty.

Capricorn: Wise Counsel

Everyone needs at least one reliable buddy who can keep her cool under pressure. Capricorn's sage advice is highly valued and appreciated.

Aquarius: Their Originality

Aquarius is awe-inspiring because he or she follows no one else's rules and always does what they believe is right.

Pisces: Their Imagination

If you ever find yourself at a loss for ideas, turn to a Pisces buddy for assistance; their unique blend of creativity and insight is hard to beat.

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