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Your Zodiac Sign's Ideal Workout

Aries: Boxing

Aries, you love boxing, kickboxing, and punching bag workouts. Stewart thinks these alternatives are wonderful for Aries because they let you express your passion.

Taurus: Barre

As an earthy Taurus, barre—a soft, ballet-inspired workout in leggings—will be your jam. Stewart thinks this activity helps you feel grounded and express your natural elegance.

Gemini: Group Aerobics

Stewart believes Geminis adore group workouts because they're social butterflies. A fast-paced step class, Zumba with pumping music.

Cancer: Elliptical

Cancer, focus on the elliptical machines in the gym. Stewart recommends the elliptical's beautiful, flowing movements. Like the water, Cancers fluctuate, so adjust your speed to your energy.

Leo: Spin Class

Leos love aerobics. Leo rules the heart, so getting your heart pumping and circulation going will feel extra invigorating for you.

Virgo: Vinyasa Yoga

Virgo, as an earth sign, you appreciate workout regimens that are supportive, grounded, and organized, like vinyasa yoga.

Libra: Rollerskating

Libra, you need pleasant music and a stimulating setting to workout. Nail polish emoji. Libras prefer dancing lessons, walkathons, roller skating, and other .

Scorpio: Rock-climbing

Scorpio is attracted to power,” Kovach explains, so choose a difficult workout that makes you feel powerful and independent.

Sagittarius: Outdoor Run

Sagittarius, you adore adventure. Stewart suggests running in nature to satisfy the continual call of the wild. Being outdoors will help you feel connected to the earth .

Capricorn: Qigong

Capricorn, a busy earth sign, needs qigong. This slow, grounded practice will help you feel connected to your body and the earth while helping you slow down.

Aquarius: VR Workouts

Boxing on Everest intrigues you? You are. Stewart adds, technology is your best friend, so it makes sense to integrate the latest tech.

Pisces: Swim

Pisces, a pool may motivate you to exercise. She believes this sign will like water aerobics. Aquatic dancing, gym laps, and wild swimming are other alternatives.


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