Your Zodiac Sign's Favorite Cocktail


A spicy cocktail like a Bloody Mary will match Aries' vigor. Ms. Charlotte thinks the drink and fire sign are similar since they're both "acquired tastes" yet popular. 


Ms. Charlotte thinks a Bellini suits Taurians since they like luxury. With Taurus ruled by both Venus and the asteroid Ceres—named after the goddesses of fertility.


“The ever-popular Mojito encapsulates their fun, happy energy,” says Ms. Charlotte. Geminis have many friends, thus the astrologer feels Mojitos should only be drank in happy times.


"Cancer is the sign of the domestic sphere and is ruled by the ever-changing moon," says Charlotte. Sangria may be made for one or the whole family with either white or red wine.



Leos enjoy IG Stories, and Aperol Spritzes are Instagram-worthy. “Aperol Spritzes are the star of the show, just like Leos,” Ms. Charlotte says. Leo's impatience may also like the sip's few components.


Virgos work hard, play hard. According to Ms. Charlotte, only a Espresso Martini can equal this enthusiasm.


Libras are beautiful, and a bright pink Cosmopolitan is irresistible. Carrie Bradshaw was a Libra. Enough said.


Scorpios are complicated. Therefore, Ms. Charlotte thinks that Irish Coffee emits Scorpio energy the greatest. She describes the original Irish Coffee as a mix of chilled cream, sweet hot coffee, and Irish whiskey. 


“This drink is a little piece of paradise, and with Sagittarius being the sign of travel and adventure, it makes sense to have this cocktail as its mascot,” adds Ms. Charlotte.


Capricorns like a Vodka Martini after a long day of labor. Ms. Charlotte says this cocktail is great for Saturnian Capricorns who work hard and play hard.


Ms. Charlotte says Aquarians drink Dark ‘N’ Stormies because Uranus, the god of thunder and lightning, rules Aquarius. The air sign has some of the most unorthodox vibes of the zodiac.


Pisces love a good time, and the Long Island Iced Tea, mixed with four heavy liquors, always delivers. Ms. Charlotte calls this beverage the Pisces of drinks.

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