Your nails reveal your health.

Nail health indicators

Fingernails signal health issues. Doctors still use nail anomalies to diagnose systemic diseases, as Hippocrates did in the fifth century. Nails reveal health.

Nail fungus may deform toenails.

Crumbling, thickness, and discolouration are deformations. Examine your toenails with this tool from the Canadian Nail Fungal Resource and see a dermatologist if necessary.

White nails may harm your liver.

 Terry's nails, which look like pale "ground glass" on much of the nail bed, may be caused by aging or liver issues like cirrhosis.

Yellow nails may indicate fungal infection.

Fingernail fungus might be milder than toenail fungus. If your nails are yellow, you may have a fungal infection from dirty nail salon tools or shared clippers.

Blue nails indicate lung issues.

Lung diseases including asthma, emphysema, and pneumonia may cause this. If your skin is purple-blue beneath the nail bed, see a doctor.

Pitted nails may indicate psoriasis.

Nail "pitting," in which nails become rough and rippling, is a frequent sign of psoriasis, an inflammatory skin condition that affects many individuals.

Nails may crack due to thyroid illness.

People with thyroid illness have dry nails because an underactive thyroid reduces perspiration production.

Lupus causes puffiness around nails.

Most persons with systemic lupus erythematosus experience skin symptoms, including a "butterfly"-shaped rash on the face and red, irritated skin around the nails.

Dark nail lines indicate melanoma.

Melanoma is a severe skin cancer that frequently appears as moles, but there is another symptom that people may overlook. 

Anxiety disorders may cause nail gnawing.

If your fingernails are eaten down, you may be neglecting an anxiety issue. Onychophagia, or nail biting, is widespread among patients with worry, stress, and OCD

Lung cancer causes nail clubbing.

 Clubbing may also be a sign of systemic heart and lung diseases such congenital cyanotic heart disease or cystic fibrosis.

Spoon-shaped nails indicate anemia.

Spoon-shaped nails may be a sign of hemochromatosis, a disorder in which the body absorbs too much iron.


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