Worst  Foods For  High Cholesterol

Shellfish is a popular, nutritious food. It's not for heart disease predisposers. 


Egg yolks are tasty but fattening. Scramble 3 whites for each yolk to obtain the taste of eggs without the fat.

Egg yolks


Did you realize that one tablespoon of butter uses half your daily saturated fat allowance?


Red Meat

Red meat is a major source of saturated fats, as expected. You'll still receive protein from fresh,.

Cream Cheese

Instead of cream cheese, try smoked salmon on your bagel. One ounce has 27 mg of cholesterol

Normal Cheese

Cheese makes everything taste better, but overusing it may damage your heart.

On a hot summer day (or even a frigid winter day, thinking about it), nothing beats a dish of ice cream.

Ice cream

Dashed Trail

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