Running Knee Pain Causes and Treaments

According to Jey, "patellofemoral pain syndrome"—runner's knee—is frequently caused by repeated movements.

Runner's Knee

ITB Syndrome

As you run, your iliotibial band (IT band), a lengthy strip of connective tissue from your hip to your knee, is stressed if your hip muscles are weak. It may press on your thigh bone or knee, causing irritation.

Patellar tendinitis, sometimes known as "jumper's knee," is an overuse ailment caused by leaping and related activities, said Jey. 

Patellar Tendinitis



Dr. Strickland explained that arthritis wears away the smooth, glossy articular cartilage of our joints. Jey said that this is often caused by years of wear-and-tear or acute damage that causes joint discomfort.

Bad Form

Jey added that running muscular imbalances—whether strength or tightness—can throw off your technique and put additional stress on your knees. 

Wrong Shoes

Wearing shoes without arch support might cause knee discomfort. In this instance, your feet overpronate or collapse inward, which bows your knees and stresses your ankles.

"Any amount of knee pain might be a signal that you should pause and further analyze the source," said Jey, despite the temptation to press through. Otherwise, you risk future complications.

When Should Knee Pain Prevent Running?

If running is important to you (or you want it to be), take knee pain seriously. Jey advised knee evaluation if pain persists after exercise or during activities. "This will avoid more harm, which might keep you out for longer."

Visit a Doctor When?

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