Will Lemon Coffee Help You Lose Weight?

What is lemon coffee?

This drink's ingredients are coffee with lemon. The most popular blend is half a lemon squeezed into black coffee.

Are the weight-loss claims true?

Simply put, no. Lemons do not burn fat. The fruit's puckering juice won't make your clothes fit.  Lemon juice has no chemical relation to fat burning. It's difficult.”


Are the weight-loss claims true?

Drinking water with lemon helps lose weight. Lemons have no magical powers, however. It comes from water filling your stomach without calories.

The risks of adding lemon to coffee

Citric acid in lemon juice may induce heartburn, particularly if you have acid reflux. At excessive amounts, that acid may damage tooth enamel.

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The risks of adding lemon to coffee

Lemons are an excellent choice for a fruit. When it comes to shedding extra pounds, they do not work like magic at all.

Lemon coffee—worth a try?

Using lemon in your coffee to lose weight? "I wouldn't suggest that. I wouldn't recommend this TikTok fad unless you have a really refined palate.

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