Why Your Dog Prefers Guests

Dog History

Early humans domesticated dogs. Dogs were domesticated 15,000 years ago. Early people domesticated wolves for protection and hunting.

Science Decides

Your dog's behavior is scientific. Stanley Coren, a University of British Columbia psychology professor, observed that dogs are more willing to obey strangers than their owners.

Dog Psychology

Since dogs have a group mentality, it's simpler to see why they'd choose a guest over you. You are their "pack," while the guest is not.


Social Dogs

Dogs are sociable animals and need attention. They meet that demand when a new individual moves in.

Stimuli Affect Dogs

Dogs may prefer guests over their guardians because they respond better to various stimuli. Some dogs love being caressed, while others love playing fetch.

Bored Dogs

Dogs who are bored with their owners may prefer guests. Working long hours or being away from home makes this more likely. 

Exceptions Exist

Different breeds are more protective of humans and territory. A Border Collie will assist a thief carry goods to their car, while an Australian Shepherd will take longer to warm up to a stranger.

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