Why Is Fiber Good For You?

However, fiber is a nutrient that is sometimes disregarded. Even though it's essential for good health.

Sadly, just 6% of Americans consume enough fiber each day. Additionally, just around 10% of UK individuals consume enough fiber.

However, consuming fiber-rich foods is standard practice in countries where traditional diets are still consumed, such as many of the Blue Zones.

 Blue Zones, which are home to some of the planet's longest living peoples. 

 In fact, fiber consumption may be one of the most important reasons why people in Blue Zones live so long.

The American Journal of Epidemiology released a meta-analysis showing that persons who ate the most fiber had a 19% lower 10-year risk of dying.

The chance of dying prematurely is reduced by 10% for every 10 grams of fiber ingested daily, according to an analysis of 17 research involving almost a million people.

When compared to the average intake of less than half the required amount, that's quite a bit.

 The recommended daily intake of fiber is. And how exactly does one make sure they are eating enough fiber?


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