Why don't women exercise?

This study shows that burnout prevents 46% of American women from exercising. 57% of 2,000 women stated they used to exercise more, but exercise exhaustion sidelined them for nine days.

Women exercise four times a week, whereas 52% exercise three times or less. The typical 44-minute workout includes aerobics (50%), jumping rope (48%), weightlifting (45%), Kegels (44%), and yoga (41%).

69% admit to under-exercising. The OnePoll poll for INTIMINA revealed that women don't exercise enough because they're weary (49%), find it hard (47%), and don't have enough time (42%).

A third of women report not seeing effects from exercise, making them feel uneasy (12%) and despondent (12%). If they had greater motivation (53%) and better metrics (34%), respondents would exercise more.

One in eight aren't confidence in their workout skills, thus 48% stated they'd exercise more if they understood how. Women are least confident in tricep dips, wallsits, and bear crawls.

Most think now is the greatest time to take care of their body (80%) and that it will only grow tougher (76%).

“Our bodies change at every age—some anticipated, others unexpected,” said INTIMINA global brand manager Dunja Kokotovic. We must monitor these changes and take precautionary measures as women.


 Women's bodies need the same care throughout their 20s, 30s, 40s, and beyond. Women may maintain excellent intimate health throughout their lives by addressing concerns early on.

We encourage women of all ages to love their bodies and feel confident in their skin. Women anticipate strengthening their waist (43%), hips (42%), and shoulders (27%). Glute and pelvic floor muscles are neglected.

Despite expert recommendations, most women haven't had a pelvic exam in the last year (62%), thus respondents advised "don't wait too late to keep up on having your body looked up."

Be proactive in maintaining fit in all physical regions, not just those you can see, and exercise Kegels before you become older and have trouble.

Do them well and make them a regular habit. This helps women maintain their intimate health and well-being.

Aerobic exercise—43% Jumping rope—41% Lifting weights—38% Kegels—34%

Women's ideal workout routine?

31% run/jog Squats—29% Yoga — 27% Lunges— 19% 16% cycling 11% planks

Women's ideal workout routine?

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