Which types of salmon are the healthiest?

Wild salmon

Allen says wild salmon is healthier but more pricey. Wild variety have more minerals, but farm-raised have more vitamin C, calories, and saturated fat, which we should restrict.

Wild Chinook salmon

Mary Mosquera-Cochran, a registered dietitian at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center, says wild-caught chinook salmon, sometimes known as "king salmon," has the greatest omega-3 fat content of commercial species.

Wild Sockeye salmon

Mosquera-Cochran says that plankton-fed sockeye salmon has the most vitamin B12. Vitamin B12 shortage can damage your heart, nervous system, teeth, and equilibrium.

Wild Coho salmon

Silver salmon, or coho salmon, are medium-fatty and mild-flavored. Wild coho contains vitamin B12 and selenium like sockeye and chinook.


Wild Pink salmon

Allen believes pouches or cans of pink salmon have a gentler, lighter flavor and lower oil content. Pink salmon is high in selenium, vitamin B12, and B3, but lower in good fats. Vitamin B3 (niacin) boosts serotonin production, which controls brain cell communication.

Wild chum salmon

Its light, flaky texture comes from its reduced fat level than other wild-caught species, such pink salmon. However, a serving exceeds experts' daily omega-3 recommendations.

Farmed salmon

Wild salmon eat zooplankton and smaller fish while swimming between freshwater and the ocean.

Atlantic salmon

According to the FAO, 90% of farmed salmon is Atlantic. Atlantic salmon is protected, thus commercial fishing is forbidden.

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