What Happens If You Eat Tuna More Than Twice a Week

Eating fish comes with plenty of health benefits.

Fish packs a powerful nutritional punch in your diet. Johnson-Arbor cites a few of the health advantages of eating fish, including better heart health and a lower chance of cancer.

According to her, several types of fish, including tuna, are a good source of protein, iron, choline, omega-3 fatty acids, and other essential elements. These nutrients maintain general health while also being essential for brain development.

Mercury levels in tuna are higher than in certain other fish varieties.

Johnson-Arbor said mercury may affect fish naturally or through industrial procedures. Fish eat mercury in streams and bioaccumulate it up the food chain. Tuna, swordfish, and shark contain more mercury than lesser fish.


Most adults don't need to worry about their tuna consumption.

"Adults who consume tuna or other high-mercury-containing fish are unlikely to develop symptoms of mercury poisoning themselves, and the health benefits of fish consumption generally outweigh the risks of methylmercury consumption," says Johnson-Arbor.

Mercury poisoning is a serious concern for babies and children.

Mercury is harmful, especially for susceptible populations. "Children, infants, and fetuses who are exposed to high amounts of methylmercury may experience developmental delays, problems with memory and learning, or other signs and symptoms of brain damage

"These adverse events can occur in children born to mothers who were exposed to methylmercury during pregnancy, even when the mothers are asymptomatic."

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