Weight Loss Without Exercise:  10 Ways

However, effective weight loss requires a range of nutrient-dense foods that fill you up without extra calories. 

Eat healthy.

Serving meals on smaller plates can help you eat less and improve your diet. In a 2017 BMC Obesity research, smaller plate sizes improved portion management.

Smaller plates

To lose weight, eat thoughtfully instead of working, watching YouTube, or browsing your phone.

Eat mindfully.

Hydration aids weight loss in numerous ways. Drinking water suppresses appetite, boosts metabolism, and burns fat for fuel.

Drink more water.

One study indicated that 5.5-hour sleepers lost less fat after 14 days of calorie restriction than 8.5-hour sleepers.

Sleep enough.


You're more likely to eat junk food if it's in the house. But, keeping healthy items on hand makes it easier to eat well and lose weight.

Promote healthy eating.

Stress might affect your diet. Manage stress to reduce weight without exercise. A 2017 study linked stress and poor moods to overeating and decreased physical activity

Control stress.

Vegetables fill you up with fiber and few calories. It also reduces meal calories by making less room for high-calorie meals. 

Fill up half your plate with veggies.

 Even if you're full, many of us were encouraged to complete everything on your plate before you're done eating.

Limit your intake.

Monitoring what you eat and how much makes you think twice about certain food choices. Knowing you have to log that candy bar makes you think twice.

Record what you eat.

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