Ways to Lose Weight Without Exercise

Eating fruits, vegetables, lean meats, and nutritious grains might make you feel full and reduce your calorie consumption."

Eat healthy.

Serving meals on smaller plates might help you eat less and improve your diet. In a 2017 BMC Obesity research, smaller plate sizes improved portion management.

Use smaller plates

Mindful eating as being aware of emotional and physical experiences when eating. It frequently requires cooking. Mindful eating supports healthy eating and weight control.

Eat mindfully.

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Hydration aids weight reduction in numerous ways. Water may decrease hunger, boost metabolism, and burn fat for fuel. Drinking water before meals also lowers food consumption.

Drink more water.

One research indicated that 5.5-hour sleepers lost less fat after 14 days of calorie restriction than 8.5-hour sleepers. Undersleeping increases ghrelin production.

Get enough sleep.

Out of sight, out of mind" applies to good eating. You're more likely to consume junk food if it's in the home. But, keeping nutritious items on hand makes it easier to eat well and lose weight.

Prioritize nutritious foods.


Manage stress to reduce weight without exercising. A 2017 research linked stress and poor emotions to overeating and reduced physical activity, two major weight gain risk factors.

Control stress

Vegetables fill you up with fibre and little calories. It reduces the calorie count of your meal and leaves less space for high-calorie meals. 

Serve half vegetables.

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