9 long-lived cat breeds


Ragdoll cats are calm, quiet, and easygoing. They'll follow you around and hop on your lap for a snuggle, but they're not demanding and nice with kids. These calm cats survive 11-13 years, but frequently longer. 


Long-haired Balinese are like Siamese. They're slim and energetic, yet talkative. Consider this breed's love of jumping and heights while decorating. 


As long as you and your kids are nice, the fluffy Persian will adore being patted on your lap. Their thick, lengthy fur needs daily care. Persians live 12–15 years.


Sphynxes are lively, mischievous, and playful. Social and chatty, this breed. These cats are affectionate and entertaining, but they require a lot of care.



To entertain this panther-like black cat, give them lots of interactive toys. Velcro cats are cuddly household pets who want to adhere to their owners. Usually 12-16 years.

Russia blue

This cautious, gentle cat will charm you with its velvety grey coat and piercing gaze. This breed is loyal to its owners yet shy around outsiders.

Asian shorthair

Oriental Shorthairs were also Siamese-crossed. Like their ancestors, they are bright, inquisitive, and nimble cats. They're friendly, communicative, and trainable. 


The Thai Siamese is recognized for its sleek form, striking markings, and lively attitude. Intelligent, lively, and outspoken, they are easy to train.

Savannah Cat

Think this cat is feral? Its zest of adventure comes from its African Serval cat ancestry. This energetic breed needs time to exercise and think. They're playmates, not lap cats! Cats may live 12–2 years.

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