Vitamin D Treats 5 Diseases

Type 2 diabetes

This month, PLOS OneTrusted Source showed that vitamin D deficiency may increase type 2 diabetes risk.

Healthy older adults without diabetes or prediabetes were studied. Participants developed diabetes or prediabetes over 12 years.

Muscle strength

Last year, University of Birmingham researchers foundTrusted Source that vitamin D boosts muscle strength.

The study examined active and inactive vitamin D levels, body fat, and muscular mass.


Vitamin D and depression are linked because sunshine supplies vitamin D and many individuals feel more sad in winter.

Trusted Source found that increased vitamin D supplements significantly reduced symptoms of depression in overweight and obese people.

Heart health

This year, Ohio University used nanosensors to study vitamin D and heart health.

The nanosensors allowed researchers to examine endothelial cells, which line blood arteries and assist control blood circulation and cardiovascular health.

Alzheimer's and dementia

A 2014 study investigated the relationship between vitamin D deficiency and risk factors for different types of dementia.

Over 1,600 non-dementia-suffering seniors were analyzed by the study's researchers.

Conservative hope

While the findings are encouraging, experts caution against jumping to any conclusions.

Vitamin D benefits bone density, and probably a lot of these other things as well, but we just don’t have enough evidence.


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