Trainers' Top 9 Forearm Exercises

Farmer’s Carry

Wagener advises this traditional arm workout to strengthen forearms, grip, and stability.

Wrist Curls

Stephanopoulos then suggests transitioning into the cat-cow stance to further loosen up the spine. While this is often practiced on all fours on a mat, chair yoga allows you to remain seated during the whole exercise..

Reverse Wrist Curls

McSorley recommends a reverse wrist curl for forearm muscles on the other side.

Towel Pull-Ups

Towels are slippery and hard to hold.

Pull-Up Hang

Marshall Weber, CPT, a personal trainer and proprietor of Jack City Fitness, believes a pull-up bar hang works forearms, finger flexors, and wrist flexors.

Plate Pinch

Hamlin claims you practically squeeze a weight plate to complete this workout.

Barbell deadlifts

Deadlifts work glutes and forearms. Hamlin tells Bustle that deadlifts will work your forearms no matter what. Forearms acquire true strength without thought.


You could do this exercise multiple times a week while you watch TV and barely feel like you’re doing anything,” explains personal trainer David Mason.

Wall Pushups

Wall push-ups are a good alternative to traditional push-ups. Mason argues that leaning against the wall instead of pushing up from the floor reduces the weight and relieves weaker muscles and joints.


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