Top Coffee Shop Pastries

Banana Bread

Some like this pastry's flavor, some don't. It's sweet and delicious, but banana doesn't necessarily go with coffee.

Bear Claw

The Bear Claw, a puff pastry bear paw, is a donut-danish hybrid. It's a specialty treat, and even in coffee shops that serve it, we doubt it outsells muffins and croissants.

Cheese Danish

Coffee shop cheese danishes are always good. Cheese and bread are fantastic, but we want coffee in our top five pastries.

Cinnamon Roll

Heavenly pairing. Sugary cinnamon buns are thick and gooey. But this treat: It's not for light morning pastries like mine. It's solid, filling dough, not a flaky croissant.


Blueberry Scone

Scones' buttery, sweet taste pairs well with coffee. Blueberry scones stand out for their fresh, delicious cores.

Choco Croissant

Thanks to the genius who stuffed a croissant with chocolate. A chocolate-filled croissant with a buttery coating. Chocolate croissants are perfect with any flavored coffee.

Pumpkin Muffin

Pumpkin muffins are coffee shop stars during pumpkin season. Customers love it simple, filled with cream cheese (Starbucks), or sprinkled with brown sugar crumb.

Coffee Cake

Cinnamon and brown sugar make coffee cakes delicious with any coffee. It's a coffee shop classic. We love breakfast cakes!

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