Top 9 Famous Dogs

Top 9 Famous Dogs Dogs as main characters or sidekicks make movies great. Films showcase dogs' amazing relationship with humans, whether they're classic cartoons or musicals.

Marley and Me, starring Jennifer Aniston and Owen Wilson, introduced us to this adorable Labrador. "Labradors are affectionate and full of personality, bright and eager to please," Kennel Club representative Bill Lambert tells Country Living.

Marley & Me

The beloved 1992 film's Ludwig van Beethoven-named Saint. Bernard pup. The film used this breed because they are trustworthy, friendly, and smart.


Dachshund Slinky is a Toy Story favourite. "Dachshunds are brave despite their little size. Like Toy Story's Slinky, they're smart, loyal, and kind ""Bill"

Slinky, Toy Story

This Lady and the Tramp clip is a cartoon classic. The 1955 Walt Disney animated cartoon follows these cute puppies. Lady, an American Cocker Spaniel, is a fashionable and popular companion dog.

Lady and Tramp

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Dorothy grins with Toto, her Cairn Terrier. It's a classic musical.

Oz's Toto

The Babe: Pig in the City Jack Russell Terrier on wheels is another classic. Despite their size, Jack Russell Terriers are energetic, brave, confident, and sociable.

Babe: City Pig

Copper, a hound dog, and Tod, a red fox, star in this cute 1981 cartoon. Copper from Fox and the Hound may be a Bloodhound or Coonhound.

Fox, Copper, and Hound

Much-loved Rough Collie Lassie is bold, smart, and devoted. Rough Collies are amiable and make terrific family pets, which is why one was cast in this beloved family film.

Lassie Returns

Hollywood's most famous dog is Elle Wood's Chihuahua, Bruiser. These dogs are active and lively. "They adore attention," Bill explains.

Legally Blonde

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