Top 10 Weight Loss Cardio Workouts


Sprints outdoors, on a treadmill, or up stairs or bleachers burn the most calories in the shortest period. You can do these workouts anywhere without equipment.


HIIT workouts can burn 500–1500 calories per hour for a 180-lb male. Ryan likes HIIT workouts because of the intensity and variety of exercises and reps.


Rowing is an excellent approach to work the upper and lower body with low joint and ligament stress. Ryan says it works the posterior chain well.


“You're fighting gravity, so your muscles are working extra hard to keep you floating without a break until you're out of the water. 


Most gyms have stationary bikes, but they rarely have lines. “You must go fast. No smartphone-scrolling while biking.



Adams believes kettlebell workouts blend strength and cardio. A recent study found that this workout burns 20 calories each minute.

Jumping Rope

Jumping rope improves footwork, shoulder strength, and coordination and simulates sprinting, burning 500 calories in 30 minutes.

Stair Climber

A moderately paced stair climber burns 500-600 calories for a 180-lb male.


“A 180-pound man jogging an 8.5-minute-per-mile pace—or 7 mph on the treadmill—burns 940 calories in an hour. "

Elliptical Machines

 The elliptical machine can burn calories without straining your joints. Nutritionist and weight loss expert Roger Adams, Ph.D.

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