Tips for Women To Lose Belly Fat 

Prepare a cardio regimen.

You can and should make cardio your new BFF. Having a good workout programme is crucial" when it comes to losing weight and keeping it off.

Perform regular strength training.

Calories are burned both when you're lifting weights and afterwards, when your body is at rest. Strength training is the way to get a toned appearance 


Eat plenty of protein-rich meals.

One of the best ways to feel full without overdoing it on calories is to eat lean protein with your meals. The lean proteins (chicken, fish, and plant-based proteins).

Plan a "cheat" day each week.

It may come as a surprise to learn that sometimes indulging in a "cheat day" is OK. Furthermore, it's a great strategy to make sure you won't gain the weight back if you lose it.

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Discuss your weight loss goals with your doctor.

Talk to your doctor if you feel like you're doing everything properly to lose weight but nothing seems to be helping.

Maintain a diet of healthy carbs and fats.

Cutting calories is the single most important factor in weight reduction. For weight loss, you should consume less calories than you expend each day.