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Things Sugar Does to Your Body

Sugar may reduce longevity.

 A research in the American Journal of Public Health revealed that consuming a 20-ounce, sugar-sweetened soda daily caused 4.6 years of cell aging, the same as smoking cigarettes, which has been related to a shortened lifespan

Sugar raises insulin.

Sugar increases insulin, which controls blood sugar. Sugars are easily absorbed, raising blood glucose and insulin.

Sugar may cause type 2 diabetes.

High blood sugar may indicate type 2 diabetes. Insulin resistance requires the pancreas to produce more insulin since tissues are less sensitive to it. This extra production might tire the pancreas and reduce insulin production.

Sugar adds weight.

Sugar provides energy, but the remainder is stored as fat. Sugar causes weight growth, which harms your health. Sugars have been linked to weight gain, obesity, and type 2 diabetes.

Sugar raises blood pressure and heart disease risk.

Heart-healthy tips: Cut sugar.  High sugar consumption increases VLDL, a blood lipid linked to cardiovascular disease.

Sugar disrupts brain impulses.

Sugar may trigger your brain's pleasure regions as drugs do. If you're becoming a sugar addict, consider these unexpected strategies to quit.

Sugar may cause hunger.

Secretly Harmful Foods Sugar doesn't nourish, therefore you may still be hungry. Liquid sugar calories aren't satiating, therefore individuals don't compensate for them at future meals.


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