The Worst Breakfast Foods That Spike Your Blood Sugar And Cause Weight Gain

1. Baked goods

Tamayo warns that eating a donut, Danish, or fruity Pop Tart for breakfast may be tasty, but it's not healthy. She believes eating packaged baked products with processed carbs will cause a blood sugar increase. She believes donuts, muffins, cookies, croissants, pain au chocolat, and other baked foods contain largely sugar.

Their low nutritional value makes this worse. "They have little protein or fiber, therefore they largely provide sugar, which raises blood glucose and causes weight gain. For shelf life, these baked foods have more sugar "she continues. They're better off there than in your grocery basket.

2. Breakfast cereals

Avoid sugary breakfast cereals too. Tamayo warns that most of these are high in sugar, which might raise blood glucose levels. Tamayo notes most breakfast cereals have added sugars unless they are whole grain or protein-rich.

 She advises avoiding kids' cereals: "Avoid children's cereals, which raise blood sugar. Sugar and empty carbs dominate, with little fiber." The health hazards outweigh the flavor.


3. Sweetened yogurt

Yogurt can be nutritious when chosen properly. Many are protein-packed, probiotic-rich, and delicious when topped with other healthful ingredients. For these health benefits, avoid sugar-filled kinds. "Commercial yogurts have little protein and lots of sugar. Avoid sugary, protein-free yogurts "she says. Try fruit-topped high-fiber Greek yogurt.

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