The Ultimate Guide to Slimming Down

Toss Out the Top

 To aid your weight loss efforts, prepare your sandwiches "open-faced" and using whole-grain bread instead of white.

Buy a Fruit Bowl

. A quick and easy solution to the problem? Invest in a fruit dish.

Eat Mindfully

TV advertising for unhealthy food and beverages make us hungrier, but the constant interruptions also make it difficult.

Switch to Green Tea

Catechins, found in abundance in green tea, are powerful fat-burning substances that specifically target belly fat.

Get Smaller Plates

Brown emphasizes that the larger your plate, the more food you can fit on it.

Never Do a Sit-Up

Eat This, Not That! for Abs, so that you may have a six-pack in only six weeks. 


Blend a Plant-Based Smoothie

Drinks fortified with protein are a convenient and tasty way to get a colossal nutritional punch. 

Repetition Is Key

The diets of the majority of successful failures consist of just a few staple meals and snacks "diet expert Lauren Slayton explains.

Beware of Health Halos

Do you really believe that all the food served at organic restaurants is good for your waistline?

Eat The Yolk

Decades of studies have revealed that it has a little impact on blood cholesterol levels.

Dashed Trail

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