The Beer You Should Order, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Aries: Porter

 You're the zodiac's bold and dynamic leader, You're a party's personality. Your big personality matches a porter's complex flavor.

Taurus: Brown Ale

Taurus enjoys the little things, unbothered by the fast-paced world. You calmly and deliberately build your dream life, collecting quality experiences.

Gemini: Pale Ale

Geminis are extroverts and adaptable. You prefer change over routine. Pale ales come in many flavors, so the zodiac's most indecisive sign can always find one that suits their mood.

Cancer: Fruit Beer

 Fruit beer is the perfect summer beer for Cancers' summer birthdays. Cancers love fruit beer's light effervescence and variety of flavors.

Leo: Saison

If life's a party, you're dancing on the table asking the DJ to turn up. Leos have fun regardless. You like fun, bold drinks for a night out. Saison beer's punchy and aromatic flavors work.

Virgo: Wheat Beer

Virgo loves classics. Favorites tend to stick. As a perfectionist, you prefer simple flavors that stand alone. Therefore, choose the humble but popular wheat beer.

Libra: Oktoberfest

Libra—you prefer champagne. You like bubbly because you're ruled by the scales, but beer has balance too. A bold and smooth Oktoberfest pilsner suits your sophisticated personality.

Scorpio: Stout

Scorpios aren't shy. You crave deep connections as a passionate and complex zodiac sign. Once you trust someone, you're very loyal. Therefore, add stout beer to your drink rotation.

Sagittarius: Irish Red Ale

As the zodiac's adventurer, you've probably tried some of these beers. You like international and experimental beers because you're always trying new things.

Capricorn: Barley Wine

Capricorn, the responsible sign, needs a drink with traditional flavors. You work hard but enjoy having fun. Barley wine can help you relax.

Aquarius: Belgian Ale

Aquarians are unpredictable. You like to try new things as an intellectual air sign. Try a Belgian ale next time you're out.

Pisces: Bock Beer

Pisces, people often call you dreamy and spacey. Your deep water layers would surprise even your closest friends. As Neptune's sign, you're always changing.

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