The #1 Upper-Body Workout To Fight Back Fat

1. Supinated Lat Pulldown

The supinated lat pulldown is the first back-fat-burning exercise. Start with arms shoulder-width apart and palms facing you. Lean back slightly and use your elbows to pull the bar down toward your sternum, squeezing your lats at the bottom. Maintain lat tension when rising. Before doing another rep, raise your shoulder blades for a good stretch. Three to four 10-rep sets.

2. Wide Grip Cable Row

Wide grip rows use the wide grip attachment on a seated row machine. Stand on the footpad. Pull the handle out and fully straighten your legs. Squeeze your back and lats as you drive your elbows back toward your hips. Before each rep, fully straighten your arms and stretch your shoulder blades. Three to four 10-rep sets.

3. Inclined Back Row

This following exercise requires a 30–45-degree workout bench. Take two dumbbells and lie on the pad. Your knees might be on the bench seat or on the ground. Straighten your arms and pronate. Keep your chest tall, bring the weight back toward your body, and flare your elbows. After flexing your upper back, drop the weights until you feel a good stretch. 3–4 sets of 10–12 repetitions.

4. Face pulls

Face pulls conclude. Attach a neck-level rope handle to the cable pulley station for this exercise. Thumbs facing you, grip the rope. Remove the cord and retreat two steps. Pull the rope toward your face, flaring your elbows at the end, in a split stance. Before starting again, squeeze your shoulders and shoulder blades. 15-rep sets.

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