Teens: The Ultimate Skincare Routine

Skin-protecting daily SPF

All teenagers, regardless of skin tone, should finish their skin care regimen with sunscreen. Sunscreen is beneficial, especially if used early in life.

For teens with acne

 "Increased oil production may produce bigger pores, obstruction of those pores, and ultimately acne" as a common cause of breakouts throughout adolescence.

Durable and effective cleaner

All skin types may benefit from using a cleanser that effectively removes oil, grime, and pollution, but acne-prone adolescent skin will want to use a product.

Face Moisturizer

 Acne-prone people tend to have less breakouts when their skin is properly moisturized, according to the research.

Blemish plasters

These patches work by drawing up the gloop within zits and creating a thin, physical barrier over the blemish.

Dry-skin remedies

Dry skin" is caused by a deficiency of oils and may be treated by applying new oils to the skin. If we don't replace it, our skin dries up .

Gentle, moisturizing soap

Mild, non-drying cleansers with moisturizing elements like ceramides and hyaluronic acid were highly suggested by our dermatologists.

Hydrating lotion

Hyaluronic acid to dry skin would prevent the product from doing its job. Add to moist skin that has been cleaned and patted dry before using.


 By doing so, you deplete the skin of its natural oils, prompting it to produce even more oil in an endless cycle (or spiral).


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