Sweet Potato Recipes

Savory Sweet Potato Casserole

The best sweet potato dish was a casserole, the ideal autumn comfort meal.


Spicy, sweet, fragrant, and satisfying, Korean stir-fried chicken is a favorite.

You must create sweet potato purée for this spicy, dark chocolate ganache-covered cake.

Dark Chocolate Ganache-Sweet Potato

Marshmallow-Whipped Sweet Potato 

Enhance Thanksgiving sweet potato pie with fresh ginger, three spices.

Blue Cheese-Sweet Potato Dip

Roasted sweet potatoes mixed with blue cheese produce a queso-like dip.

This sweet potato pone is what happens when sweet potato pie goes tropical.

Sweet Potato Pone

Hot Kimchi–Sweet Potato Fritters

If you want super-crispy edges on these fritters, wring out the sweet potatoes as much as possible.


Dashed Trail

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