Surprising Things That Hurt Your Heart

Shift Work

Working nights or irregular hours increases heart attack risk. Shift employment disrupts your circadian rhythm, or "internal clock," which may affect your heart.

Traffic Delays

Traffic may increase the risk of a heart attack. Heart disease is connected to motorway noise. If you must commute during rush hour, listen to soothing music. Talk to your fellow traveler.


It may occur when your airway is partly closed, causing breathing pauses. High blood pressure, irregular pulse, strokes, and heart failure are associated with the disease.

Dissatisfied Marriage

 Happy and healthy hearts come from excellent matches. Older persons who are happy in their marriages had a decreased risk of heart disease. Possible cause? Stress.

Belly Fat

All additional weight is bad for your heart, but midsection weight is particularly harmful. It may cause your body to produce hormones and other substances that increase blood pressure.

Overusing YouTube

Watching TV everyday may raise your risk by almost 20%. Sitting causes high blood pressure and other issues. Limit your TV time until studies understand the link between TV and heart disease.


Heart disease may be more common among lonely people. Help someone in need or adopt a dog or cat if you don't have relatives or friends nearby.


Dashed Trail

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