Dessert Recipes

Black sesame cookie sandwiches

It's like a dream come true: black sesame ice cream with cookies and cream.

Berry-flavored Jellies

The macerated berries were luscious and delicious, and the fresh whipped cream was light and airy.

Plum and Peach Galette

For this galette, the only limit is your imagination. Cherries and apricots together sound delicious.


Baked Peaches with Brown Butter

In this peach cobbler, brown butter and cinnamon and mace are folded into a thick milk batter.

Margarita pie, frozen

What's not to like about your go-to drink baked inside a flaky pie crust?

Ice cream pie with coconut and strawberries

A salty graham cracker crust is pressed into a beautiful swirl of coconut and strawberry ice cream.


Dashed Trail

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