Strong Glutes' Unexpected Benefits

They Aid Walking, Climbing, and Standing

The glutes power walking, sitting, climbing stairs, and running. They aid standing. Andrew Slane, Fiture's sports conditioning expert and trainer, says they're part of the posterior chain, which helps other body parts move.

They Lower Back Pain

According to Jerry Yoo, DPT, a doctor of physical therapy and founder of Next Level Physio, several studies have shown that runners with knee discomfort felt better after strengthening their glutes.

Leg Day Possible

Leg day requires strong glutes, especially for squats. Wagener said weak glutes won't deliver enough force for a full range of motion. “Compensatory movements like leaning forward can stress the lower back.”


Agility Support

Dr. Dave Candy, DPT, a physical therapist, says the glutes help you run faster and shift directions. All athletes and exercisers need a solid glute program.

Better Posture

Dominique Harris, Novant Health CoreLife's lead workout consultant, believes excellent posture requires strong glutes. She tells Bustle that strengthening glutes distributes weight more evenly.

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