Strengthen your abs without sit-ups using this six-minute core workout

Sit-ups have always been associated with abs training. Though effective, this ancient workout is boring.

Luckily, this six-move routine from the London Fitness Guy (actual name James Stirling) shows various additional enjoyable, effective ways to develop your stomach muscles.

Since none of them require equipment, you can complete this session anywhere. Only a yoga mat on hard floors is needed.

Stirling recommends cycling through the six motions for 40 seconds each with a 20-second break. Do this once for a six-minute ab workout or three times for a 24-minute workout.

To activate your core without arching your back, technique is crucial. Watch Stirling's examples for each exercise, set a timer, and start. The six-pack muscles, or rectus abdominis, are typically referred to as abs.

Strengthening these muscles is crucial because they flex the spine. Core training works all the upper- and lower-body muscles, unlike abs.


Stirling's workout targets deep core muscles including the spine-stabilizing transversus abdominis with bear taps and hip rises, while plank rotations target the obliques (side abs).

These muscles increase balance, coordination, posture, and lower back strain when lifting. Stirling's routine strengthens various areas, making it more thorough than sit-ups or crunches.

However, intense training creates small rips and delayed-onset muscular soreness (DOMS). Post-workout protein smoothies might help your body recover.

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