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Strengthen arms and upper body in 20 minutes.

Your upper body helps you bend, twist, and lift. This 20-minute, two-dumbbell workout demonstrates you don't need much to gain strength here.

Engelschall utilizes two 10lb and two 3lb dumbbells for this program. Before starting this exercise program, gather the four weights. Training at home is less desirable.

Best adjustable dumbbells are a good alternative to a weights rack. They combine many weights so you can swiftly switch loads and push yourself with heavier weights as you workout. 

Using weights safely requires proper form. Before copying Engelschall's moves, watch her.

Engelschall advises that everyone is different, so if you need a longer rest break, take one and make the exercise your own.

The 20-minute program uses shoulder presses, kneeling Arnold presses, and lateral hold and curls to train your arms, shoulders, and chest.

Remember that you can't target fat while building arm muscle. For fat reduction, you'll need a heart-pounding HIIT exercise to stimulate your metabolism.

Weighted arm strengthening workouts often cause delayed-onset muscular soreness (DOMS) the next day. This is natural and caused by workout-induced muscle tears.

Eat multiple forms of protein throughout the day to repair, build, and expand your muscles. But, a post-workout smoothie containing the finest protein powders for weight reduction may help.


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