Spring Equinox Horoscope: Your Sign


As the cardinal fire sign, you've been waiting a year to feel on fire again. This vernal equinox is all about you because the new moon enters Aries at 1:26 p.m. EST on March 21.


On March 21, the sun enters the 12th house of endings and the subconscious, which can be difficult but necessary before you can relax for your birthday in late April.


Friendship-wise, your tenth house is on fire this spring. Before hanging out with anyone, confirm who you want to be with. This month, express your affection in an unexpected way.


Cancer, persevere. You're entering the career ninth house, which isn't generally your strength. Cappy, you're feeling uneasy because you can't use your kindness to navigate professional disputes


Spring Equinox will make you productive! This month, Leo, you're in the ninth house of philosophy and travel, so cultivate any intellectual or adventure chances that come your way.


As spring arrives, Virgo, you're introspecting. Blame the eighth house of rebirth and reincarnation. It's busy. So, Spring Equinox may make you emotional and reflective. 


When spring approaches, your natural ruler, the seventh house of partnerships, will bring you success. Libra, you must work for your family.


Consider your health now. Scorp, you're drawn to the abstract, but you're also a corporeal being. Spring Equinox will focus on your sixth house of health. 


You'll learn about love and pleasure in your fifth residence. Decide what makes you happy. This equinox will boost your confidence, so use self-love.


As spring begins in your fourth house of home, you're ready to tackle your family issues. Every family has some darkness. 


You're energetic and eager to share every thought, contemplation, and idea. As spring approaches, your third house of communication is lighting up, so now is the time to ask for what you want. 


Pisces, the sun will be in your second house of money and values, but your season is over. This time, you'll know when to save and when to spend.


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