Simple Ways to Cure Bloat Without Dieting

Go to bed earlier.

Sleep deprivation slows metabolism and raises cortisol levels, which may cause fat storage. Get 7-8 hours of sleep to burn more calories and lower cortisol.

Don't skip meals.

Eating every three to four hours, including breakfast, boosts metabolism. Missing breakfast increases hunger hormones later in the day.

Perfect your posture.

Excellent posture engages and tones abdominal muscles. A few well-placed sticky notes should help you stand tall.

Drink water.

Being dehydrated leads the body to accumulate water, adding up to four pounds to your stomach. Drink eight glasses of fluids everyday.

Eat more H2O.

You read correctly. Water-rich fruits and vegetables fill you full quicker. Try adding extra water-rich salads and greens like cucumber, celery, and zucchini.

Brew some coffee.

Coffee's caffeine, a moderate diuretic, may help reduce bloating. It stimulates the bowels and flattens the tummy.

Eat nuts.

Almonds are better than pretzels because they provide monounsaturated fats. To avoid sodium-induced puff, choose unsalted and remember that a portion is a handful.

Add milk to your breakfast.

Calcium-rich diets promote healthy weight. Dairy products include calcium, potassium, and magnesium, which helps offset sodium-induced bloating.

Remember prebiotics.

Prebiotics are non-digestible fiber. They support healthy gut flora to reduce bloating. Vegetables, fruit, nuts, beans, seeds, and 100% whole grains contain probiotic strains.

Take a rest.

When you're stressed, your body boosts its production of steroids and stress hormones, which adversely influence your digestive system, producing significant constipation. 20 minutes of daily relaxation to reduce stress.

Try yoga.

Yoga isn't a cardiac exercise, yet it flattens your stomach. No crunches needed for Prevention's Flat Belly Yoga program!


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