Riskiest Foods 

 to Eat

Leafy Greens

The riskiest food was leafy greens, with romaine and packaged salad mixes being the most commonly recalled. 


Beginning with a timely one as the CDC is investigating a flour salmonella incident. 

Dust and dirt contaminate many fruits with salmonella. Consumer Reports discovered salmonella.

Papayas, peaches, melons

Chicken, Turkey

Salmonella is found in all raw chicken and turkey, but ground poultry is most prevalent. 


How did onions get on this dangerous foods list? Two massive onion recalls in 2020 and 2021 connected salmonella to nearly 2,100 illnesses.

Ground beef, especially, is related to salmonella and fatal E. coli. The USDA mandates producers to recall meat that may be contaminated with E.

Ground beef

Deli Meats & Cheese

Listeria dominates soft cheeses and deli meats. Listeria may contaminate soft cheeses like Brie and queso fresco


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