Quietest Zodiac Sign

Some folks can never stop talking. But, you may have acquaintances, coworkers, or family members that prefer to watch before speaking.

Astrology may explain their quietness and knowledge-gathering. Find out the quietest zodiac sign from soft-spoken to silence.


Capricorns aren't introverts, but they might seem silent since they're picky about who they let in. Earth signs value leadership, organisation, and independence.


Whenever challenged, Virgos want to defend their beliefs. This earth sign is supportive, so they'll keep their thoughts to themselves until they find the right words.


Cancers are sensitive and take criticism personally. People keep grudges since they're sensitive and easily hurt. Loftis says cancer may wait to hear your perspective before making a comment or expressing their ideas.


Pisces adore evading reality and are usually introverted. These creative, passionate Neptunians like solitude. Newman says this water indication avoids many interactions. 



Scorpios are the quietest zodiac sign and emotional. Loftis says "calm waters run deep" describes these folks, who are quiet but smart and intriguing.

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