Poor Diets May Ruin Weight Loss & Health

Eating Late at Night

Late-night munching may cause weight gain and insomnia. Late-night eating may cause GERD, indigestion, and blood sugar issues. 

Emotional Eating

When angry, eating may soothe. Emotional eating may harm your health and waistline. Emotional eating may be stopped by recognizing it. 

Eating Junk

Junk food may cause more harm than good. Rat brains find high-sugar, high-fat meals addicting, like heroin or cocaine. Don't cut out your favorite treats.

Rapid Eating

Eating quickly doesn't allow your brain time to catch up with your stomach. Drop your fork between bites to eat slower. Take smaller pieces and chew thoroughly.

Skipping Breakfast

Fasting slows metabolism. Breakfast fuels your day. Without that nourishment, you may overeat later. Make a nutritious, portable breakfast to solve this. 

Always Snacking

Kids eat sweets, drink, and salty chips. Keep cucumber slices, carrots, hummus, air-popped popcorn, almonds, and yogurt handy. 

Mindless Eating

Eat while watching TV or using your phone? Do you complete a meal without noticing how full or what you ate? You're mindlessly munching.

Mindless Eating

Notice your fullness. Talk to dinner guests. Put aside electronics, take smaller bites, and concentrate on flavor and texture.

Keeping Unhealthy Foods

Don't purchase chips, cookies, or anything else you'll overeat. Stock healthful snacks like fruits, veggies, whole-grain crackers, yogurt, cheeses, and nut butter for kids. 

On-the-Go Eating

Because you don't have time to listen to your body's hunger and fullness cues, eating on the go may lead to overeating. Try to keep to a daily eating regimen.

Bagged Meals

Eating from a plate or dish is more gratifying than from a bag, so you eat more. Try to keep to a daily eating regimen.

Grocery Shopping Hungry

Hungry shoppers may overeat. Plan and buy for weekly meals. Before grocery shopping, have a small snack and carry your list.

Lacking Food

Malnutrition, tiredness, and other health issues result from undereating. Eat three meals everyday. Eat healthful meals and snacks.

Eating Past Fullness

Stop eating when full. Overeating and weight gain may result from eating beyond fullness. Stop eating when you're full.


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