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Pisces Season Nail Polish for Each Zodiac Sign

Arrived! Spring begins with Pisces season, February 18–March 20. As the Sun enters Pisces, a sign of imagination and glamour, many of us will want to paint our nails with delicate metallics, pearlescent finishes, and glitter.


This season will urge you to take risks in love, and deep purple nails will boost your confidence. For a first date, this hue shows that you expect respect, care, and TLC.


After a long winter, peach nails will inspire you to achieve your sparkly objectives. Its fun hue will also help you creatively brainstorm how to make them happen.


Taurus, romance abounds. For love, paint your nails pink. This hue will help you connect to your higher self and boost self-esteem.


During Pisces season, this wonderful nail polish will anchor your energies. This nail polish will help you stay strong when things are rough.


Luxurious nail paint with gentle speckles is what you want. This hue highlights your pincers, which express your true feelings.


If you can, why not pack your own snorkel mask? Especially these days, you want something that is custom for your face and your face only.


While cuddling with bae, wear a shimmery pink. It matches most of your outfit and whatever vibe, activity, or attempt you two do. This hue will also harmonise your relationship with your partner.


This taupe colour will remind you to be calm in the coming weeks. This hue will calm you and relieve tension.


Showcase your talent this month. Gold nail polish will boost your creativity and well-being.


This month, your intuition will make you more sensitive and emotional. Teal blue enhances your sixth sense and broadens your vision.


You must leave your comfort zone and embrace change to start over. These bold red nails are the perfect mood booster to let fly.


Unique nail polish satisfies your artistic personality and your drive to stand out. The iridescent finish will inspire dreams all day.

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