Pisces Season Is Dreamy—What to Expect for Your Zodiac Sign

It's mid-February, yet the zodiac year is ending. Pisces season, which begins when the sun enters the mystical water sign on February 19 and concludes on March 20, marks the conclusion of the astrological calendar and a period of self-reflection.

Pisces, ruled by Neptune, symbolises contemplation, dreams, and inner insight. Pisces, the last sign of the zodiac, is believed to rule over our collective mind.

Pisces season's vibe

Saturn's March 7 entry into Pisces, the first time in 29.5 years, is Pisces season's most significant transit.

Planets move

Important 2023 Pisces transits

During Pisces season, the moon, which regulates the inner self and emotions, will challenge us. Lanyadoo calls the February 19 Pisces new moon "beautiful, dazzling."


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“Gemini, Virgo, and Pisces encounter the sun travelling through Pisces [in the potent] aspects of either conjunction, square, or opposition,” explains Brooks.

Pisces season affects which signs most?

Aries, the sun in Pisces is in your 12th house of dreams and emotions, so take time alone to recover.


Pisces season 2023 horoscopes

Taurus, the sun shines on your 11th house of friendships and networking. Assess how your friends and social groups support your major goals.


Gemini, this season may assess your career. The sun in Pisces in your 10th house of career and reputation forces you to assess your professional and reputation satisfaction.


Cancer, Pisces season promotes your ninth house of travel and expansion, so you may want to travel this month.


The sun in Pisces rules your eighth house, which governs profound psychological processes and shared duty like taxes and debt. Brooks advises having your taxes done early this season.


As Virgo is opposite Pisces in the zodiac and the sun is in opposition to your chart, you may be tested this season.


Libra, update your habits. Pisces rules your sixth house of everyday well-being, so Brooks suggests thinking on "how you can operate your life with better efficiency" during Pisces season.


Scorpio, romance awaits. Pisces, in your fifth house of leisure and joy, inspires you to "get your se*y on and have some fun, whether you're single or in a relationship," adds Brooks.


This season, Sagittarius, the sun illuminates your fourth house of home and lineage. According to Brooks, you may have additional home-related responsibilities.


Capricorn, expect a hectic month. Your third house—communication, neighbours, and siblings—is highlighted by the sun in Pisces. 


After your season, Pisces season will affect your second house of resources and worth. Brooks advises reviewing expenditures and needs at this time.


Pisces, you're more energetic than normal throughout your birthday season. With the sun at the same place as your natal sun, you may strengthen your identity.


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