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Permanent Weight Loss: 7 Steps

Prepare for Change

You want to lose weight—that's why you're reading this—but to build a sustainable life plan, you must be willing to commit. Weight loss is time-consuming. Check your readiness before starting.

Set Goals

Choose a weight-loss method for your next step. Weigh in and plan your diet. That includes long-term and short-term aims.

Keep Track

Self-awareness motivates you to change by making you accountable for your actions. Food and activity diaries are important weight-management aids.


Take Action More

Exercise helps lose weight and keeps it off. Become "an exercise person" wherever you are. Lifestyle vs. planned exercise is OK. Both activities burn calories.

Plan Long-Term

After reaching your weight-loss objectives, you may create a long-term strategy to keep your results. You've progressed, yet you'll slip. All do! Get back on track and move on swiftly.

Get Help

Losing weight alone is hard. You'll need friends, family, coworkers, professionals, and like-minded people to lose weight.

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