Painless Ways to Lose Weight

Add, Don't Subtract

Add some of your favorite nutritious foods, such as cherries, grapes, or snow peas, for added flavor and nutrition.

Forget About Working Out

If the phrase "exercise" makes you want to come up with excuses not to, then don't. 

Go Walking

 "I adore the seasons," and adds that even if she's pressed for time, she'll still go outside for a little while. 

Lighten the Foods

Choosing lower-calorie alternatives to your favorite dishes is a simple approach to reduce your calorie intake without feeling deprived.

Hydration Helps

"My ability to control my food intake improves when I drink water before each meal.

Share and Share Alike

Several American restaurants provide portions so large that it's tempting to "go Dutch" with the dinner dish.

Tune In, Tone Up

We need to exercise more, they say, and they know it. They wonder why we don't just merge the two.

Size Matters

The key to eating less without becoming hungry is there in front of your plates.

Get Involved

When dining in front of the TV, Virginias comments, "I eat more if I'm bored."

Lose It Today

 Maintaining a healthy weight isn't easy at first, but with practice and perseverance, it becomes second nature.


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