Nutritionists Choose Low-Calorie Breads

What's tasty? Bread! Bread can be airy or chewy. Whether you're eating a savoury sandwich, fondue, or buttered toast, it's all delicious. Low-calorie breads are better for a balanced diet than high-calorie ones.

Bread may also affect weight. BMC Public Health reported that eating more than two servings of white bread daily increased "the chance of becoming overweight [or] obese.

Iron-Deficiency Diet

Club Sandwich

Bread has been receiving a poor name for a long time," said nutrition expert Shelley Case, RD, author of Gluten-Free Diet: A Complete Reference Guide, according to the WebMD article.

Whole-Grain Toast

"It contains more fibre and less calories than white breads." According to the Mayo Clinic, whole grains include iron, magnesium, vitamin A, vitamin E, and B vitamins.

Walker says sprouted bread is created from grains soaked, sprouted, then processed into flour. "It is high in fibre and contains less calories than other breads, making it perfect for people trying to cut their calorie consumption while obtaining the nourishment they need."

Sprouted Bread


Hazelnut-flaxseed bread

Hanks claims flax bread provides 4–5 grammes of protein, 3 grammes of fibre, and a tiny quantity of healthful unsaturated fat from the flax at 50–80 calories per slice.

English Muffins

With 67 calories per muffin, English muffins are terrific sandwich bread alternatives "Set for Set medical reviewer Meghan Novoshielski, MS, RDN. This saves 80–120 calories per slice of ordinary bread.

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