Movie Genres by Zodiac Sign

Action movies suit Aries. Aries enjoys thrilling stories. Kids love excitement and challenges, so the thrilling sequences will keep them on the edge of their seats.

Aries: Action

Stability suits their down-to-earth character. They want genuine love and a beautiful ending. Good romantic movies will make them feel everything.

Taurus: Romance

Psychological thrillers will send Geminis reeling. Mind games make this movie genre appropriate for them. Geminis are smart and clever, so they'll enjoy unraveling a psychological thriller.

Gemini: Psychological Drama

Cancer loves dramas. Cancers are sensitive and empathetic, thus dramas will resonate with them.

Cancer: Drama

Romantic comedies suit Leos. Leos are bold, charismatic, and adore the spotlight, so they'll enjoy a movie featuring a relatable lead character.

Leo: Rom-com


Horror suits Virgo. Virgos are analytical, so they'll like figuring out the killer's purpose. They're detail-oriented, so they'll find all the hints to the big surprise.

Virgo: Horror

Libras like girl flicks most. Libras love chick flicks because of their balance of comedy, drama, and romance. Since they're social, they'll love a movie on female friendship.

Libra: Chick Flick

Thrill a Scorpio with a thriller. Mystery and surprises make this movie genre excellent for kids. Scorpios are passionate, intellectual, and intense, so they'll like unraveling a thriller.

Scorpio: Thriller

Adventure movies suit Sagittarius. They are naturally curious and open to new experiences. They love adventure movies and laughs.

Sagittarius: Adventure

Capricorns love history films. Practical, detail-oriented, and diligent Capricorns. They're good at slowing down. Capricorns love history movies.

Capricorn: History

Aquarians are progressive and open-minded, making them ideal sci-fi moviegoers. Aquarians are unique. They'll watch the whole movie since they adore new ideas

Aquarius: Sci-fi

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Pisces: Fantasy

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