Eggs Neptune is an American delicacy consisting of a split English muffin with crab meat, poached eggs, and Hollandaise sauce.

Eggs Neptune

Hussarde eggs

Eggs Hussarde is a New Orleans meal that was initially created with poached eggs on top of Holland rusks, red wine reduction sauce .

Creamed eggs on toast is a typical American meal that marries eggs with white sauce over bread.

Creamed Eggs

Sardou Eggs

Eggs Sardou, a Creole meal with poached eggs, creamed spinach, Hollandaise sauce, and artichoke bottoms.


Hangtown Fry

Arguably the earliest Californian meal, named after its origin, Placerville, Hangtown own fry was developed during the California Gold Rush in the 1850s.

Beet Eggs

Beet eggs are a classic Amish delicacy from Pennsylvania. To make it, eggs are hard-boiled in a seasoned broth produced from cooked beets.

Some suggest that the iconic San Francisco delicacy was conceived by a San Francisco chef as an alternative to the Italian frittata.

Joe's Special

Dashed Trail

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